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Bids & RFP's

The Municipality will receive proposals/submissions for the implementation of a real-time or non-real-time of a VMS allowing it to track and report on the travels performed by its fleet and the maintenance activities it performs where applicable. The intent is to provide consistent, accurate data to be able to confidently monitor and report on the levels of service provided to a specific area, a section of road, or otherwise defined areas of service.

The proposed solution shall provide the supporting information needed to mitigate claims that may arise by documenting the maintenance services that it provides to comply with the Ontario Government’s Municipal Act, 2001 regulation 239.02, described as the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways, as well as service levels and operational policies it establishes on its own.

Download the RP 2022-01 Vehicle Monitoring System documentation here.



The Municipality will receive proposals/submissions for the supply of all labour, material, equipment, and supervision necessary to complete the work shown, or described by, or reasonably inferred from these contract documents. Without limiting the qualifications of the foregoing, the work generally consists of the following:

Watermain extension on Kukagami Lake Road in the Municipality of Markstay-Warren, from the South side of Highway 17 approximately 230m heading North on Kukagami Lake Road.