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Bids & RFP's

The Municipality will receive proposals/submissions for the implementation of a real-time or non-real-time of a VMS allowing it to track and report on the travels performed by its fleet and the maintenance activities it performs where applicable. The intent is to provide consistent, accurate data to be able to confidently monitor and report on the levels of service provided to a specific area, a section of road, or otherwise defined areas of service.

The proposed solution shall provide the supporting information needed to mitigate claims that may arise by documenting the maintenance services that it provides to comply with the Ontario Government’s Municipal Act, 2001 regulation 239.02, described as the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways, as well as service levels and operational policies it establishes on its own.

Download the RP 2022-01 Vehicle Monitoring System documentation here.



The Municipality will receive proposals/submissions for the supply of all labour, material, equipment, and supervision necessary to complete the work shown, or described by, or reasonably inferred from these contract documents. Without limiting the qualifications of the foregoing, the work generally consists of the following:

Watermain extension on Kukagami Lake Road in the Municipality of Markstay-Warren, from the South side of Highway 17 approximately 230m heading North on Kukagami Lake Road.


Project Description

The Municipality will receive proposals/submissions for the reconstruction of Chain Lake Road (see attached map for the exact construction area). 

Approximate Dimensions (including baily bridge):

Length:                 1350m (to “Y”)

Width:                  6.5m

Total Area:          8774m2

The Municipality requires the TOPCOAT to be two (2) lifts of double class 2 surface treatment using HF1505 emulsion for the entire length of road from the Highway 17 asphalt boundary to the “Y” in Chain Lake Road EXCLUDING the baily bridge which has a length of approximately 12m.

The Tender documents could be found here.


The Municipality requires the services of a qualified Consultant to provide architectural and engineering (A&E) services (Phase 1) delivering:

  1. Detailed design for a new Public Works (PW) and Fire Department (FD) facilities located at 48 Main St. N. Markstay, ON.
  2. Detailed design for a new FD Rapid Response Bay to be located at 37 Warren Ave., Warren ON.
  3. Detailed design for a new FD Rapid Response Bay to be located at 160 Sunset Rd, Wahnapitae, ON.

Phase 2 will consist of:

  1. Tender documentation preparation based on the Phase 1 detailed designs.
  2. Tender process for the construction phase of the project.
  3. Engineering services during construction.


Phase 2 information is requested as a provisional item and will be based on the Council’s decision to move forward with the project in 2023.

The Tender Document are available here.

Inquiry 1 (Aug 31st, 2022)

Inquiry 2 (September 20th, 2022)

The Municipality of Markstay‐Warren is seeking tenders for the supply services for Granular Material for 2022‐2023.

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: No later than October 7th, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST

Sealed Tenders or electronic tenders must be delivered to the following address.

Delivered to:                                               

Municipality of Markstay‐Warren

21 Main Street, South

Markstay, ON P0M 2G0

ATTN:                   Ken Elliott, Director of Operations


By email: kelliott@markstay-waren.ca

Phone Number: (705) 853‐4536

Facsimile Number: (705) 853‐4964


Download the TENDER document HERE.


Note that the lowest or any quotation will not necessarily be accepted.




Tender Submission:

The Municipality’s tender forms must be used and are available at the Municipal Office, 21 Main Street South, Markstay, during normal business hours.

Tender Closing:

Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned up until 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 28, 2022. 

Tender Opening:

Tenders will be opened publicly by Administration at the Municipal Office at 2:05 pm on Friday, October 28th, 2022.

Tender Review & Subsequent Approval:

Tenders will be reviewed immediately after opening and awarded by Administration. If more than one tender is received, a draw will determine the award of tender. 

Tender document is available here.


The Municipality would like to implement a permanently installed public address solution for the Council Chambers that will provide a professional level of audio and video for meeting attendees both in person and virtually. The Municipality requires the solution to have compatible meeting recording and live streaming capabilities as well as being reliable, stable and easy to administer by non-technical staff.

The Tender documentation could be found here.