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Municipal Modernization

The Municipal Modernization Program was developed and launched by the Province in 2019. This program is designed to assist small and rural municipalities across Ontario by supporting the review, development, and delivery of modern and efficient municipal services.

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced that our municipality received $419,800.00 of unconditional one-time funding.

With this funding, we have and continue to identify projects to assist in streamlining process improvements with technology where possible.


Through MMP2 stream, Markstay-Warren received $50,880.00 towards a Service Delivery Review.


The objective of the project is to conduct a service delivery review of the Recipient’s public communication, Public Works Services, administration, and shared services with the goal of increasing capacity and efficiency through modernization.


The independent third-party reviewer will make recommendations to: 

  • Increase Public Communication effectiveness by leveraging modern methods such as a CRM system, social media, accessible websites. This will also provide technological ways of measuring satisfaction rates in the delivery of services.
  • Improve Public Works Service Delivery through technological advancements and the installation of GPS systems in all municipal vehicles. This will ultimately increase efficiency in the application of sand and salt and decrease liability with having capabilities of tracking public works service vehicles locations or passed locations.
  • Increase efficiencies in office administration process using modern tools, applications such as electronic agendas, work order applications, and time tracking, as well as full integration with the municipal accounting software to
    create a streamlined office environment.
  • Implement potential shared services through a shared service agreement with neighbouring municipalities.

Independent Third-Party Reviewer’s Report

The municipality retained the independent third-party reviewer to compile the findings and recommendations in the Independent Third-Party Reviewer’s Report. 
The report summarizes the reviewer’s findings and identifies specific, actionable recommendations based on the analysis and findings that aim to identify cost savings and improved efficiencies. The summary and detailed reports are found below:

Service Delivery Review Presentation to Council - September 21st, 2021

Service Delivery Review - Detailed Report - September 2021


Through MMP2 Third Part Review stream, Markstay-Warren received $100,000.00 towards a detailed Transportation and Fire Service business case analysis.


The objective of the project is to review the municipal transportation and fire services through a detailed business case analysis.


The municipality retained an independent third-party reviewer to review the facilities used for delivering Transportation and Fire Services. As part of this assessment, the reviewer will provide recommendations for integrating various yards
and storage facilities, while identifying the efficiencies that may be achieved from integrated service delivery.

Independent Third-Party Reviewer’s Report

The independent third-party reviewer compiled their findings and recommendations found within the detailed business case analysis. The business case summarizes the findings and identifies specific, actionable recommendations based on the analysis and findings that aim to identify cost savings and improved efficiencies.

The summary report presented to Council on January 24th, 2022 provides highlights of the business case and next steps. The business case presented to Council on December 13th, 2021 provides the details of the analysis including the costs savings along with specific actionable recommendations.

Through the MMP2 Implementation Stream, the municipality received $97,500.00 to be put towards the modernization of its financial systems.


The objective of the project is to implement a new financial software system to streamline internal processes.


The municipality will purchase a new financial system, allowing integrated and simplified data entry and report generation.