Accessibility Options & Information

A Red and White button with "CELA Partnered Library" along the top. At the bottom it reads: Proudly serving people with print disabilities. Both are written in a deep red font. In the center is the CELA logo. The word CELA is written in black and to the left is a sunburst-like series of lines alternating in light red and dark red lines.

Accessible Collections with CELA

The Markstay-Warren Public Library is proudly partnered with CELA (The Centre for Equitable Library Access). The Centre for Equitable Library Access is Canada’s comprehensive accessible reading service, providing books and other materials to Canadians with print disabilities in the formats of their choice.

What Markstay-Warren Public Library Provides

Through this program, individuals can borrow audiobooks on CD from our collection, or order DAISY audiobooks from CELA. We also have several Victor Readers (A portable audiobook and music streaming device) available for our patrons to borrow.

For those that need a larger font, large print books can be searched for in our collection through our catalogue or by requesting aid from staff. If a book is not available in large print, it can be obtained through interlibrary loan. We also have e-Readers for loan, which are equipped with features to assist with visibility such as brightness and font size.


Assistive Technology

All public computers have Windows Accessibility features available for use.

Homebound Services may be available on request.

Staff will assemble a grab bag of items for you to pick up. If you would like different types of items, for example a mix of DVDs and books, let us know. Coming soon, an online form to make your selection.

Interlibrary Loans


What is an "Interlibrary Loan"?

An Interlibrary Loan (also known as an ILL) is a resource sharing service between libraries, in which one library can request material from another if it is not in their catalogue.  

How does it work?

If you are looking for a specific book but it isn't in our catalogue you are welcome to place a request with us! Acting as an intermediary, we search for libraries with the book available and place requests. If accepted, the book is then sent to us to be lent out to you! These books have strict due dates and are non-renewable at current time.

I can't find the book I'd like!

 If an item is not available from our catalogue, contact us with your request. 

You can request an item:

o   In person

o   By phone: 705-599-2665/705-599-3009

o   By email:

Print & Photocopy Services

Along with computer use for our patrons, we provide printing and photocopy services.  Please be advised that we do not have faxing as an available service.



Available at both locations. 

Fees are as follows

Letter and Legal Size Paper, per page
Black and White Photocopying/Printing $0.10
Colour Photocopying/Printing $0.25
Photos (Black and White) $1.00
Photos (Colour) $2.00

We offer FREE PRINTING up to 2 pages black & white if it is school related for students.


Document Scanning

Available at both locations; Our computers are wirelessly connected to our scanners. Scanning is free of charge.

At this time, we also provide curbside printing services. Please email your document with your request to  Be sure to include your contact information and we will contact you when your printing is available for pick-up.

Public Computers

Need to use a computer? You're welcome to come to the library to use one of our public devices! Computer access is for valid library card holders. (Valid library card holders are patrons who have a library card used for our locations. A library card is free.) Your data is safe as after each use the computers are restarted and are set up in such a way that they are wiped clean of personal information.

Public Computer Services

  • Internet Access
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Printing/scanning capabilities (see our 'Printing and Photocopying' section)
  • USB connection
  • Webcams available on request

Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi Access is available at both branch locations if you would prefer to work on your own device! For access at the Markstay Branch please ask staff for information. Wi-Fi is available 24/7 outside of the Warren Branch with the information posted both within the library itself as well as on the windows.