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The ten year review considers questions such as:

  • How will we grow and change in the next 20 years?
  • Do we have enough land to satisfy short, medium and long term needs?
  • Can we service these lands efficiently and cost effectively?
  • How can we continue to facilitate active transportation and public transit?
  • How can we continue to protect our watersheds and lakes?
  • How can we support the creation of a local food system?
  • How can we build our community’s resilience to climate change?
  • How do we plan for an ageing population?

Bill 73 – The Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015

In the interest of increasing certainty, stability and reducing costs to municipalities, municipalities will not be obligated to review a new official plan for 10 year after the new plan comes into effect. After that, and in cases where it is not a new plan, the plan must be reviewed every five years to conform with, be consistent with and have regard to provincial plans, policies and matters of provincial interest. The current Plan, is an update of the 2003 Official Plan, therefore the planning board is obligated to assess the plan for required updates to ensure conformity with provincial policies.


Official Plan Amendments can be municipality-wide, area wide, site –specific, be text only and/or mapping (schedule) only. Amendments to the Official Plan are required where development is proposed that does not comply with the policies of the Official Plan. The approval authority of OPAs in the Sudbury East Planning Area is the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Pre-consultation is required for all OPAs. The applicant is required to fill out the application form in draft, which is submitted through the Planning Board office to MMAH and circulated to their partner Ministries (MTO, MNRF, MCTS, MOECC) through the One Window process. MMAH will draft a summary letter of requirements (if any) of each of the Ministries. The applicant can then determine whether they wish to proceed to formal submission of an application based on the required studies/reports/information.
Significant differences in the ten year review process are the public consultation component and that the policy changes can affect the entire planning area. Multiple open houses or public meetings are typically held at various stages in the process to receive input on proposed changes to the Plan.