Markstay-Warren send out bills twice a year with two installments on each bill. The first bill sent at the end of January/beginning February is based on 50% of last year taxes.  The payment is further broken down in half being due at the end of February and the other half end of March. The final billing is calculated in July and takes into consideration and changes in assessment, changes in tax rate and pervious balances. This payment is also broken down into two payments – half due at the end of July and the other half due at the end of August.


You can pay your property taxes in many ways including cash, cheque, money order, debit, internet banking, telephone banking, Pre-Authorized Debits, and Credit Cards.
You can pay at the municipal office with cash, cheque, money order or debit. 
You can by credit card by going to our e-payment (under Our Services) part of the website. There is a fee for this service with is 3% plus a .38$ flat rate.
You can add us to your on-line payments through you financial institution, or to telephone banking.
We also offer Pre-Authorized Debits which is a monthly withdrawal from a bank account of your choice with a set amount on a set day. This form of payments are tremendously advantageous as its smaller amounts on a regular basis versus 4 installments. As well this option is set to not incur interest.

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Form