Advisory Committees

COMMITTEES TO COUNCIL (Term of Council 2018-2022)

Corporate Services (Committee of the Whole)
Which will consist of human resources management, legal matters, clerk services, planning and municipal law enforcement, economic development and finance.

All of Council

Public Works Committee
Which will consist of roads and drainage, water and sewer, waste management, street lighting
Rachelle Pigeau and Bob Amyotte

Recreation Committee 
Which will consist of recreational services and properties, social and family services and cemeteries
Greg Hunt and Bob Amyotte

Emergency Services Committee
Which will consist of fire protection, protective inspection and control
Rachelle Pigeau and Bob Amyotte

Economic Development Committee
Rachelle Pigeau and Ned Whynott

Sudbury East Planning Board
Which will consist of two (2) members of council as representative on the planning board
Rachelle Pigeau, Ned Whynott

Markstay-Warren Public Library Board
Which will consist of one (1) member of council as representative on the library board
Greg Hunt  Alternate Bob Amyotte

Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB)
Which will consist of one (1) member of council as representative on the DSSAB board
Ned Whynott

Sudbury East Municipal Association - SEMA Representative
Refer to SEMA Constitutuion which will consist of the may of the mayor, one (1) Councillor and an alternate
Steve Salonin and Ned Whynott    Alternate  Greg Hunt

West Nipissing / Sudbury East Veterinary Unit
Greg Hunt

Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce
Greg Hunt   Alternate  Rachelle Pigeau

Community Policing Advisory Committee
Steve Salonin  Alternate  Ned Whynott


Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee was developed to advise council on the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

For information on the Strategic Plan, Visit the Strategic Plan Page.

Cenotaph Committee

The Cenotaph Committee advises council on the Municipal Cenotaphs.

Revitalization Committee

The Markstay Revitalization Committee is a group of volunteers from the Village of Markstay who are interested in improving the recreational opportunities in the Village of Markstay.  Some of the projects the committee has been working on are the Out Door Rink and the Markstay Playground.