Vision Statement


Like an extended family, Markstay-Warren is welcoming, friendly, and supportive. Its residents embrace a quality family lifestyle amongst nature’s finest assets with steady growth in a rural area that is easily accessible to two Northern Ontario hub cities. Connected in business and trade with a focus on entrepreneurship, small business, agriculture, tourism, and recreational opportunities - residents and business owners balance those assets with a peaceful life just minutes away from Sudbury.

Mission Statement

Markstay-Warren’s economic development mission is to increase the economic growth of the community while preserving the lifestyle and natural environment.
Guiding principles include:
· Respecting community togetherness and neighbourly, small-town charm;
· Ensuring that growth occurs in an orderly manner, in keeping with the environment and community lifestyle;
· Appreciating the quality of rural and family life while ensuring moderate growth;
· Supporting growth in entrepreneurship, agriculture, tourism, and small business;
· Welcoming new businesses that fit with the overall Vision and Mission; and
· Striving to provide the best public services.