The Municipality of



The following cemeteries are administered, regulated and governed by the Municipality of Markstay-Warren:

Name Township Street / Location
Pinehill Cemetery Hagar Legion Street, Markstay
Royal Centre Cemetery Loughrin Veuve River
St. Mark Cemetery Hagar Pioneer Street East, Markstay
St. Thomas Cemetery Dunnet Warren Avenue, Warren
Warren Protestant Cemetery Dunnet Warren Avenue, Warren
Warren Public Cemetery Dunnet Warren Avenue, Warren

To purchase cemetery lots or for information regarding cemeteries in the Markstay-Warren area, please contact the municipal office or view By-Law 2005-24 Fees and Charges, Schedule "H" and Cemetery By-Law.

The following website contains photographs of Gravemarkers in the St. Thomas, St. Mark and Warren Cemeteries. 
These pictures were taken to show the critical historical inscriptions more than to capture the aesthetics of the gravemaker: Gravemarkers