About Us


Like an extended family, Markstay-Warren is welcoming, friendly, and supportive. Its residents embrace a quality family lifestyle amongst nature’s finest assets with steady growth in a rural area that is easily accessible to two Northern Ontario hub cities.

About Us 

Nestled in the Sudbury East area, the Municipality of Markstay-Warren is a friendly rural community with innovative and vibrant residents.

The Municipality was incorporated in 1999 when the former townships of Markstay, Warren,Hagar, Ratter, Dunnet, Awrey, Hawley, Street,Loughrin and part of Henry were amalgamted. The name Markstay-Warren was chosen as a combination of these names. 

 With a growing population, Markstay-Warren is a wonderful place to live, work and play.


The Municipality of Markstay-Warren is committed to providing consistent customer service to persons with disabilities by putting into practive these four key principles:

•  Dignity
•  Independence
•  Integration
•  Equal Opportunity

This Policy has been prepared pursuant to requirments and information provided in the Ontario Regulation 429/07 made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Diabilities Act, 2005. 

Markstay-Warren's Roots are Agricultural

With some of the best farm land in northern Ontario our farmers produce a huge range of crops and a raise a diversity of livestock.